WCW Emulsifying Soap Bar- Essential Oils
Wild Coconut Wear

WCW Emulsifying Soap Bar- Essential Oils

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*Contains milk and oat protein*

3.5 oz sheep shaped bars

Wild Coconut Wear makes emulsifying your solid lanolin a dream! We tested many, many formulations to bring you the best performing emulsifying agent available. While this soap bar does not contain any lanolin on it's own, it will help you create a milky lanolin bath with just a small piece (approx 1/4" piece) per tablespoon of lanolin. This soap is also great for creating wipe spray or solution to use with your cloth baby wipes, just be sure to use within a day as your solution will not have preservative in it. 

To use as emulsifier: Using a heat safe mug or jar, add a small piece along with solid lanolin to hot water. Shake or stir until your solution is milky. Allow to cool OR slowly add cool water to match your full bath temperature. 


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