How Stockings & PreOrders Work

How Stockings Work

First of all, welcome to Wild Coconut Wear! We are excited to have you here!

  • Our products generally stock at 2:30PM EST on Fridays, however, we often do surprise stockings throughout the week. Please be sure to follow our business page on Facebook and join

    our wonderful chat group in order to keep up to tabs on the latest. Our wonderful "Coconuts" help give lots of stalking tips, woolie advice, and welcome new members with open arms; please join us!
  • Be sure to create an account before stocking time. Add your current shipping address under "account details". You will need to be logged into your account prior to stocking time.
  • A separate collection will be created for the stocking (will be named with 'Stocking' and include the date). Items will stock in both the stocking collection as well as "Shop Now" collection and in the specific collection in which they are labeled (Wool, Bamboo, etc). Items will automatically appear at stocking time (you must refresh the page). Because it is an automated system, it may not happen EXACTLY at the specified time- don't give up though- keep refreshing until they pop up!
  • If there is a specific item that you are going for, go to the 'Stocking' collection or the specific collection in which the item falls (wool, bamboo, etc) and refresh, refresh, refresh once stocking time gets close!
  • Find your item and as quickly as you can, cart it, and check out. The check out screen will allow you to pay with Paypal or credit card. If you choose to use Paypal and are on a computer, you can try logging into Paypal from another tab prior to stocking time. This will sometimes prevent you from having to log into Paypal again and allow for a quicker check out.
  • Please note that multiple people can cart an item but the first to check out is the one who gets the item.
  • If there are multiple items that you would like to purchase, you can continue shopping after your most desired is purchased. You will be charged shipping for each additional purchase but will be refunded (please note that this excludes large blankets)
  • Good luck! If you're still feeling confused, remember to join us in our chat group!

How Preorders Work

  • Because of the volume and time involved, we offer semi-customs:  You get to pick the inseam, cuff style, color (from the stocked choices), but the rise/waist stay the same.  They are all basic pieces that we offer in solids-- weggings, shweggings, longies, shorties/bubbles, soakers.  You can ADD up to 6 inches extra inseam (see pricing structure below) to any piece.
  • So this means…

"I have a tall skinny kid… needs the waist and rise of a SL longies, but the inseam of a L!"  Great, order the SL longies and add your extra inches.

"I have a short fat kid, who needs the waist and rise of a ML longies, but the inseam of a S!"  Great, order the ML *shorties* and add your extra inches.

"Wait… shorties and longies, but I wanted weggings longer or shorter!"  Same ideas as outlined above, just substitute the words weggings or shweggings.  ;)


  • There are usually AT LEAST 12 slots available, they usually stock on a Monday or Friday, generally at 2:30pm EST. Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates and possible opportunities to win a customs stalk-free pass on the chat board within the week before the stocking.
  • First to cart and check out gets the slot.  From there you will get an email/link to the ordering form.  The number of items that can be ordered will be specified in the listing. Each slot can order UP TO the amount specified as the max.  You can order as little as 1 or as many as is allowed.  Lots of folks buddy up and go in on a slot.  This is fine, but we will ONLY ship to the person who is the paying buyer, so please make sure you understand the entire order goes to that person to divvy up. WCW is not responsible for the division of items or shipping beyond the original winner/buyer of the slot.
  • You will have 24 hours to finalize your order, then it takes you to Paypal with your total plus shipping…. and then we take that order and dye it and CUT IT.  NO CHANGES ARE ALLOWED AFTER SUBMISSION.  (For real, it gets confusing and then we end up with the wrong sizes and colors and tags… please.)